Arhivă pentru torboszloi arpad bereczky

OBSS: In memoriam Arpad Bereczky de Torboszlo//OBSS/E.Szt.Sir.Rend: In memoriam torboszloi Bereczky Arpad

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Publicam o lucrare in onoarea prietenului si colaboratorului nostru Arpad Bereczky de Torboszlo, Mare Maestru al prioratului OBSS si valoros luptator anticomunist.

Rugam aveti rabdare la descarcarea fisierelor.

We publish here a book about our late friend and Great Master torboszloi Arpad Bereczky, national captain of the (legitimist) Vitez Rend, Great Prior of the St. George Order, etc. and a valuable fighter against communism.

Please have patience until the PDF files are discharged!

Rev. Tibor E. Pasztori – RECENZIÓ