Kierein-Kuenring, Manfred D. ; Brender, Andreas – „Catholic Hierarchy in China since MCCCVII”

We have a great pleasure to announce a new book of our friends, H.Exc. Dr. Manfred Kierein, Gr.Cr. OBSS and Mr. Andreas Brender.

Dr. Kierein is a well known expert in Catholic Apostolic successions and Mr. Brender has his own site ( about Chinese Catholic Bishops. Their book, „Catholic Hierarchy in China since MCCCVII”, Cluj-Napoca(Klausenburg, Kolozsva’r), MMXII, Napoca Star Pub.House, 319 p., in English, is presenting the lists of Catholic bishops since 1307 in all the Chinese Dioceses, Taiwan , Macao and Honk-Kong included. Chronological data, apostolic successions,  short biographical notes and a good bibliography are available in the book. This work has a genuine encyclopaedic character, bringing a good contribution to the Chinese history, too.

The book can be obtained from Dr. Manfred Kierein, OBSS, Postfach 1, A – 1016 Wien, Austria.

For those interested in Christian presence in China we strongly recommend also the book of Perrier, Pierre & Walter, Xavier – „Thomas fonde L’Eglise en Chine (65-68 ap.J.Chr)„, 2008, Ed. du Jubile’, Diff. Hachette, 319 p. A good introduction to the book was done by Br. Thomas de Notre-Dame du Perpétuel Secours, in CRC_Resurrection, Nr. 78, 2009,

. Fr.Thomas de Notre-Dame du Perpétuel Secours” L’Apotre St. Thomas a fonde’ l’Eglise en Chine”

You can see the most important archaeological site photos up, from the same article. The Church in China has not only apostolic origins, but also apostolic life, unfortunately lost in Western Europe. May the Holy Chinese Martyrs pray for us! Fr. Mircea Birtz


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